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YASKAWA U1000 Industrial Matrix Drive

Worlds First Low Harmonic High Power Factor Regenerative Variable Frequency Drive


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Increase your green space with Yaskawa’s Industrial Matrix Drive (U1000), the product that that goes beyond conventional drives, providing outstanding harmonic performance and regeneration in a single stand-alone component.


Low Harmonics

Yaskawa’s Industrial Matrix Drive (U1000) is the total all-in-one solution for Ultra Low Harmonics, improved power quality with total harmonic distortion to levels 5% and lower. It is a compact all-in-one unit requiring NO AC reactors, harmonic filter reactors or capacitors.

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Energy Saving

Full Power Regeneration: Traditional drives utilize regenerative braking resistors to dissipate energy as heat, reducing energy efficiency. Yaskawa’s Industrial Matrix Drive (U1000) allows you to return regenerative energy directly back to the power supply, increasing energy efficiency and saving money.

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Size Reduction

Compact All-in-One Unit! Harmonic countermeasures that were previously required to connect a converter, such as input AC reactors, harmonic filter reactors, and capacitors, are not necessary, which helps you save wiring, space, and energy costs. Benefits in the reduction in size of space required for installation, reduction in wiring needed and the reduction in labour add to the savings.

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Advanced Technology

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Matrix Innovation

Yaskawa’s development of matrix converter technology in 2006 made it possible to overcome traditional issues caused by harmonic distortion created by variable frequency drives. Further refinement in this technology has resulted in the U1000 Industrial Matrix Drive.

How is Matrix Technology Different?

Matrix technology employs a system of 9 bi-directions switches that are arranged in a matrix to convert a three-phase AC input voltage directly into a three-phase AC output voltage. It eliminates the need for a rectifying circuit and a DC smoothing circuit that are used in traditional AC drive “inverters”. This results in a compact drive with regenerative capacity and reduced harmonic distortion.

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