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WEG motors & drives

WEG Authorised Distributor

Are you looking to increase productivity and reduce the operating cost of your operation? Count on HiTech.

A WEG crusher duty electric mining motor will help you lower your energy costs. As a distributor for WEG Australia, HiTech provides sales, engineering solutions, customised switchboards, onsite installation, setup and commissioning for our customers right across Australia.

Furthermore, HiTech also houses the only authorised repair centre in Queensland. Our highly skilled technicians and engineers are trained by the manufacturer in all aspects of motors and drives. With focus on the mining and quarry industry, HiTech recommends WEG crusher duty motors.

High performance with maximum energy efficiency is the goal of WEG crusher duty electric motors, especially the WEG W22 E3 series. High efficiency and Low cost of Ownership throughout the entire motor lifetime have been the basis for the W22 development. A design created to maximize performance and energy savings.

Additionally, W22 Crusher Duty motors are specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of the rock crushing industry. FC-200 grade cast iron, provides superior strength and heat dissipation. Additionally, 4140 high-strength steel shafts keep the motor running when others fail. These motors are designed for vertical or horizontal mounting and have exceptional high starting and breakdown torque.

Get in touch with Hitech, a trusted industry expert to learn about our solutions with electrical machinery, automation and energy systems for industry and find out how our business can interconnect with your operation to achieve your outcomes.