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conveyor belt
Software Scales ™



Conveyor weighing scales software etheridge automation

Regular conveyor belt scales Vs SOFTWARE SCALES™

Regular Scales

Difficult and Expensive Installation

1-2 day installation, requiring the fitting of the scale into the conveyor bracing, running a wire from the integrator out of the conveyor and test weights for calibration.

Easy and Cheap Installation

1-2 hour installation, requiring a sensor to be installed in the starter and run to the integrator in the same MCC. Calibration completed with the push of a button.

Moving Parts

Multiple moving parts that often fail and are subject to damage.

Zero Moving Parts

That’s why they are called “Software Scales”.

Susceptible to Lightning

Blown load cells due to lightning are a common occurrence.

Safe from Lightning

No load cells and no components out on the conveyor itself.

Rigorous Maintenance

Rigorous maintenance is essential; not well suited to the harsh quarry environment.

No Maintenance

No maintenance required; designed for the quarry environment.


Theoretically accurate; however, this accuracy is never realised in the real aggregate world.

Very Accurate

2.5% accuracy in practice. Zero loss of accuracy over time.